Brenna Boat

Aspiring photographer currently living in the sunflower state. I was born and raised in Kansas City and love my hometown immensely. I developed a passion for photography at the age of 11 and have dedicated myself to cultivating my photography skills ever since. 

I often find inspiration in nature and work to capture the beauty of every day moments. It is not uncommon to find me looking up at the clouds or chasing down the last bit of light from a breathtaking sunset. 

I am the proud owner of an ten-year-old border collie who you will see featured many times. He continues to be my muse and my most trusted sidekick. I have always been an animal lover and dogs have helped stir my photographic passion and inspire me to improve. 

I have been lucky to have a family that supports my endeavors and encourages me to pursue what I love. I am eager to share my passion with you and am excited to continue to flourish as a photographer. 


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